The Origin

Growing up in the industrial valleys of northern Italy, Enrico Raimondo chose the life of the modern craftsman, completely devoted to Made in Italy.

The element of speed, carbon fiber, is the soul of his dynamic and exclusive creations.

Aware of the value and importance of sustainability, considering the market, Enrico Raimondo has developed a technique that allows the reuse of waste accumulated during the classic carbon processing.

This method of processing waste allows to minimize the environmental impact of waste and at the same time guarantees the uniqueness of each creation.

2015 marks the beginning of the journey. Enrico Raimondo leaves his permanent position to chase his dream. In the same year, the first carbon fiber object certified for food contact was produced, a bottle for bicycles.

In 2017 Ernico Raimondo obtained the first international patent for composite fibers certified for food contact, thus the first carbon fiber bottle was born.

In 2018 the first leather and carbon fiber bag was made. 2018 is also the year of the first prototype of shoes in leather and carbon fiber.

Enrico Raimondo is the first to skilfully combine carbon fiber with fine Italian leathers to create splendid fashionable objects.

In 2019 two more international patent applications are filed, thus making the work carried out so far inimitable.

In 2020, the granting of the patent for a design article in composite material and the method of its realization marks a further step towards the international affirmation of the company.