Green Projects

The partnership with Beleafing

Air pollution is one of the main environmental criticalities worldwide.

In Italy, 9 out of 10 people live in places with higher pollution levels than those recommended by the OMS.

The solution is as simple as it is effective: to encourage widespread urban forestation by companies towards citizens.
The union between companies and citizens is the way to combat the environmental problems affecting our cities.

Planting trees means reducing pollution, fine dust and the temperature of our cities. The widespread forestation of trees serves to ensure maximum environmental improvement where people live and work: urban areas.

Thanks to Beleafing, sustainability becomes the strength of our company. Demonstrate being sustainable, green, and environmentally conscious,
today it is one of the most competitive advantages ever.

Companies make trees available, institutions favor contact between companies and citizens have the task to plant them.


Widespread urban forestry is the common goal of BeLeafing and Enrico Raimondo. BeLeafing aspires to make the world greener by involving all citizens who will later enjoy these privileges, and we embrace or support this goal.


Planting trees leads to a reduction in pollution, fine dust and the temperature of our cities. The widespread urban greenery decreases the heat island effect and purifies the air in private gardens.


To take into account all the environmental benefits, every single tree will be geolocated and remotely monitored by the beLeafing portal. The portal allows you to monitor their growth and health, also calculating the benefits and offering advice to citizens on maintenance.