The Carbon


Carbon is very light. It offers advantages in terms of handling and transport costs.


Reusing the scraps of the classic carbon processing guarantees a unique and unrepeatable design.


The fiber resists high temperatures, does not burn, resists chemical and atmospheric agents, does not oxidize and does not deteriorate.


Le elevate prestazione consentono l'applicazione del carbonio in svariati settori: trasporti, navale, aeronautico e sportivo.


The reuse of carbon processing scraps makes it possible to transform a waste into a unique value.


Carbon is unbreakable thanks to the high stiffness of the fiber itself and withstands even high pressures.


Enrico Raimondo wanted to be the first to produce carbon fiber objects, responding to the need for exclusive, elegant, unique handcrafted products. Not only attention to design but also to the intended use of the product.

Each object is a personalized creation. Enrico Raimondo’s ability is to transform the customer’s dream into the desired object, starting from a drawing to arrive at the finished object. Designer, Inventor, Craftsman.

Whatever the name, what characterizes Enrico Raimondo’s creations is uniqueness and exclusivity. Each piece is one of a kind, and represents the essence of what the customer wants. Everything can be customized and each object becomes unique and unrepeatable, thus acquiring greater value.