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Carbon and Movement The element of speed, carbon fiber, is the soul of the creations
Unique Creations The scraps allow you to create objects with unique textures, for their own creation inimitable
Sustainable Beauty Reusing the waste from classic carbon processing reduces the environmental impact
HANDMADE The carbon craftsman promotes an authentic and traceable Made in Italy production

Our creations

Enrico Raimondo through his creations gives life to objects capable of celebrating Carbon in every guise.


Carbon and Movement are the building blocks of life, Enrico Raimondo creates to celebrate them.

Growing up in the industrial valleys of northern Italy, Enrico Raimondo chose the life of the modern craftsman, completely devoted to Made in Italy. The element of speed, carbon fiber, is the soul of his dynamic and exclusive creations.

Aware of the value and importance of sustainability, Enrico Raimondo has developed a technique that allows the reuse of waste accumulated during the classic processing of carbon.

The Process

Enrico Raimondo’s know-how on the treatment and processing of Carbon is unique in the world: not only is the technique patented, we are the only company able to use sheets of recovered carbon and combine them with other precious materials for the creation of objects. unique.

The study of the potential use of carbon fiber in the fashion sector is a peculiarity of our company, constantly looking for possibilities to offer its customers avant-garde creations. This research joins the one dedicated to the food & wine sector that sees Enrico Raimondo able to create objects to contain and consume food in total safety, offering an excellent storage capacity.